Our mission.

To help people and companies unleash their true potential today and tomorrow.

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We leverage audited AI behavioral soft skill assessments to help enterprise companies build diverse teams of top performers. By mitigating inherent human biases through our audited AI platform, we can help your team to identify quality candidates, hire equitably, reduce turnover rate, and enhance overall talent performance. We’re driven by possibility, not precedent.

89% of HR leaders believe that hires that didn’t work out lacked the appropriate soft skills for the job
- Deloitte’s Human Capital Research
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We believe in optimizing the talent lifecycle
From recruitment, employee learning & development and internal mobilization...we want to empower companies to hire better, smarter, and retain longer.
We know there's strength in diversity
The companies that celebrate diversity and strive to be better, win. Through soft skills assessments, we aim to mitigate human bias, so everyone's strengths can shine.
We want to help future proof your workforce
We work with companies that care about the talent lifecycles as well as their talent – this means developing individuals with the skills needed to succeed today and tomorrow

User-centered design 

Support for neurodiversity

Part of our mission is to make hiring as equal as we can, which includes providing accessibility accommodations for those who may need it.

We provide varying versions of our assessments to meet the needs of users with disabilities, and we are always working to expand our range of accommodated conditions. As we develop modified assessments, we conduct rigorous tests to ensure they result in equitable outcomes.

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Candidate advisory council

We involve the people who will be affected by our technology in our design process. This is why we started a Worker Advisory Council, allowing candidates to beta test and provide feedback throughout our product development. We also have a Product Advisory Council for our clients to do the same.

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