Career & Succession Planning.

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Career and Succession Planning

Mobilize employees between jobs, either laterally or vertically

See upskilling opportunities based on soft skills potential, with soft skills data alone.

Overlay it with hard skills data to spot mobility opportunities and skill shortage risks more quickly.

See Fit to Any Role at The Company

Leverage soft skills API to prioritize best fit roles and increase chances of matching to new role

Better job recommendations

Combining soft skills + hard skills gives job seekers a more effective way to find internal opportunities across hundreds of careers

Upskill the right talent

Talent leaders can close skills gaps with confidence and rigor

Personalized Courses

Upskill or reskill employees with personalized course recommendations that unlock career pathways


Talent Acquisition

Identify behaviors exhibited by candidates to ascertain how they align with the company capabilities/values.

Professional Mobility

Assist employees in improving specific company capabilities to aid in their professional development.

Hard Skill Interface

View soft skills within existing hard skills interface