Talent Acquisition.

Talent decisions have historically depended on biased, non-predictive, and self-reported data, resulting in workforce homogeneity, a poor candidate experience, and weaker performance outcomes.

It’s time to reinvent the status quo by leveraging soft skills, capabilities and unbiased algorithms to find the best person for any job.

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Early Careers

Reduce time to hire and drive higher yields across the hiring process 
  • Guide candidates to their best fit role before they apply
  • Select the best fit candidates to move forward for a particular role
  • Redirect silver medalists to other opportunities at your company
  • Measure capabilities to better understand a candidates potential in your organization

Professional Hiring

Holistically evaluate talent to hire best fit applicants for any role
Numerical & Logical Reasoning Assessment

Broaden your understanding of one’s potential by measuring quantitative reasoning skills for specific analytical and finance roles through additional 4 games, all in one platform.

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HiredScore Partnership

Screen your qualified applicant pool by identifying talent most likely to stay longer and perform better based on soft skills.

Shortlist the set of best-fit candidates who can skill-up and be successful in new roles.

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Hourly Worker

Retain talent and increase performance of employees

pymetrics helps prioritize best fit applicants who are more likely to succeed in a role than those who are not as highly recommended


pymetrics recommended hires outperform non-recommended candidates sales performance by 24%


Hires not recommended by pymetrics are twice as likely (as py-recommended hires) to leave UOB within a year

Pre-built ATS Connectors

Consumer-grade experience

Efficient, seamless & predictive

Make better decisions, faster. pymetrics shares fair and accurate recommendations for each candidate seamlessly back to all industry-leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Unique, informative & supportive

Goodbye to the resume black hole & hello to finding the perfect fit! Every candidate receives personalized and actionable insights highlighting what makes them unique. Over 1 million candidates have gone through pymetrics; take it from them.

Case Study

Insurance and asset management firm shows massive recruiting gains.


Greater likelihood for pymetrics recommended candidates to receive offer  (p<.05)


Reduction in recruiter screens


Increase in socio-economic diversity


Candidate Satisfaction Rate

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