We're fixing the
front door to hiring 

pymetrics helps you find your best fit job - objectively. We help companies look beyond your resume and focus on the behavioral attributes that make you unique and well-suited for any given role.

“pymetrics doesn’t feel like an interview at all—it’s fun!”


report a great experience


report positive job application experience

“I feel like I’m not judged solely by my resume.”


have a fit somewhere


candidates are rejected on CV

“I was not left with nothing. I got to know more about myself.”


receive personal feedback


of candidates never hear back

“I was not left with nothing. I got to know more about myself.”

pymetrics standard


receive personal feedback

Industry standard


of candidates never hear back

Potential over pedigree 

A true blind audition

We don’t look at your gender, ethnicity, pedigree, or work history. Instead, we evaluate behavioral data points to accurately match you to jobs. That’s it. We’re providing opportunity for everyone, regardless of background.

Be your authentic self

There’s no right or wrong way to complete pymetrics. Your unique behavioral attributes make you a great fit for a job—often many jobs—somewhere in our ecosystem. The more you are your authentic self, the better we can match you to your dream job.

Unlock your unique profile

After completing pymetrics, you receive your unique pymetrics profile that can be used to apply for any job within our ecosystem. This profile reveals your most unique cognitive, social, and emotional attributes, and how these behaviors translate at work.

Don't take it from us 

A noticeably human-centered design

The entire process was all so seamless and well-designed, the questions and criteria all felt very honest, encouraging and 'human', especially in comparison to other experiences.

John Doe 7
Marketing at Agency
A new and engaging experience

I was astounded by how engaging and comfortable the series of tests were. The experience was so unlike what I've been used to and I found myself smiling during the tests, it was almost unbelievable how at ease I was!

John Doe 6
Marketing at Agency
Access to entire ecosystem

I was hired into a job I had never heard of before pymetrics. I played interesting and thought-provoking games, and in 3 weeks I was interviewed and hired by a top-tier financial services institution. Pymetrics changed my career.

John Doe 5
Marketing at Agency
Diversity and accessibility

I am a person with disabilities. I have been discriminated against by several employers and have a limited educational background due to financial limitations... This allows me to evaluate different education goals and select an optimal career and education path.

John Doe 4
Marketing at Agency
No ‘right’ answers

I am currently transitioning careers as I wasn't feeling fulfilled and satisfied with my previous job. Unlike many other career and personality tests, I enjoy not knowing what is being tested so I am not trying to guess the 'correct' answer the entire time.

John Doe 3
Marketing at Agency
Always something to gain

I love the fact that, though I didn't get accepted into the program I was applying for, I was not left with nothing. Instead, I got to know more about myself. pymetrics does not just help me identify my strengths and weaknesses.

John Doe 1
Marketing at Agency
Accurate assessments

My wife was looking through the results just shaking her head and laughing at how well the games and algorithms pegged me.

John Doe 2
Marketing at Agency

Designed by candidates.

We believe in involving those affected by our technology in our design process. That’s why we have started a Candidate Advisory Council to beta test our pilot products, provide feedback, and ultimately become advocates for pymetrics in the market.

Getting started 

What accessibility accommodations do you provide?

We provide gameplay accommodations for ADHD, Dyslexia and color blindness. These configurations will not be shared with anyone. If you are unsure if you should select an accommodation, feel free to send us an email at support@pymetrics.com so we can assist you. If you have a different medical condition or disability that limits your ability to complete the games and would like to request an accommodation, please reach out to the employer that invited you to play pymetrics. If you do not have contact information for the employer, feel free to send us an email at support@pymetrics.com and we would be happy to reach out on your behalf.

How can I sign up for pymetrics?

Unfortunately our platform is only available to candidates applying to our partner companies. If you apply to a job that has pymetrics as part of their application process, you will receive an invitation to our platform.

How can I prepare to take the games?

Because there are no right or wrong answers, there is no prep time required. Simply find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 30 minutes and start playing. You cannot pause the games while playing, but each one lasts only 1-3 minutes, so please plan accordingly. The more you are yourself, the more helpful your results will be.