Workforce Transformation.

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pymetrics' Award-Winning* Platform

pymetrics' award winning platform allows for data aggregation and visualization in many formats

Explore the soft skill DNA and capabilities of your workforce, and see what sets your organization apart

Heatmaps to understand soft skill mobility opportunities between roles

Translate insights into learning styles, teamwork styles, and development strategies

*pymetrics Workforce Insights platform won HR Tech 2020 Product of the Year

Diagnose Your Workforce and Synthesize Their DNA

Explore the inherent soft skills and capabilities of your workforce, highlighting similarities & differences across your organization & industry benchmarks to see what sets your organization apart

Future Proof Your Workforce

Develop individuals against the capabilities needed to succeed in today’s workforce, and for the workforce of tomorrow

Unlock Employee Mobility & Development

Identify capability gaps between high and low performers

Provide managers with development reports to elevate 1-1 personalized coaching and provide insight into their own career development

Hybrid & Remote Work Capabilities

Provide insights on how to support employees through the new reality of hybrid and remote work resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic

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