& Capability Development.

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Diagnose Your Workforce and Synthesize their DNA

Explore the inherent soft skills of your workforce, highlighting similarities & differences across your organization & industry benchmarks to see what set’s your organization apart

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Future Proof Workforce with Key Capabilities

Develop individuals against the capabilities needed to succeed in today’s workforce, and for the workforce of tomorrow

Digital Potential - “The ability to learn and adapt to digital technology.”

Personalized Insights

Short Form — Identify unique attributes based on innate potential. No two individuals are alike, just like no two roles.

Long Form — Its a fact: opportunity for growth retains talent. Drive employee development with tailored opportunities for improvement.

pymetrics’ power skills playbook translates learnings into actionable insights on learning and teamwork styles.

Manager Guides to Support Employee Development

  • Development reports allow for data-driven L&D strategies
  • Fully integrated, simple-to-use platform
  • Manager Guide on how to have 1-1 coaching conversations

Optimize Your Remote Workforce

Spot who may need help adjusting to the new ways of working and how best to keep them engaged in the new normal.

Compare Soft Skills Gaps by Role Seniority

Support effective leadership, communication, and development planning 

Case Studies

Leadership & Team Development

Help a team of leaders work better as a team while providing hybrid work optimization insights.
  • The 1-2-1 individual coaching sessions centered around leaders’ Development Reports 
  • The IO team created a Hybrid Work Playbook to be used in conjunction with the team’s Workforce Insights results
  • A bespoke team-building event with the activities designed around leadership and hybrid working practices

Salesforce Deep Dive


Help Western Union understand who in their current global salesforce was ready to transition into a new, enterprise-focused sales role.

  • A two-prong solution for evaluating potential fit to this new sales role: behavioral (insights) and technical skills (digital interview).
  • Employee gameplay was analyzed in Workforce Insights and compared across their different business lines, regions, and leaders.
  • IO benchmarked employee gameplay against an Occupational Sales Model and split the talent pool into three tiers of fit.
  • IO team advised on differences in terms of work activities, skills, and abilities and helped create interview questions to evaluate the important technical selling skills, further refining the potential talent pool.
  • Using all of the available data, the IO team provided the managers and employees with tailored training plans for growth into the new sales role.
  • Helped Western Union understand who in their current global salesforce was ready to transition into a new, enterprise-focused sales role.

Increasing Call Center Performance


Client was looking to improve performance and retention across call center roles through tailored learning & development programs.

  • Used Workforce Insights and learnings from top performer model to deliver tailored L&D programs
  • Managers were able to develop teams towards success amid internal movement
  • Identified gaps between current workforce and success profiles
  • Received customized exercises to develop key attributes important to success for largest gaps