pymetrics Integrations

Plug and play tools to bring pymetrics' unique soft skills into the broader talent ecosystem.

Integrating with pymetrics saves time and money by driving efficiency and streamlining candidate tracking, resulting in an improved applicant experience.

Types of Integrations

Prebuilt Connectors

Ready to use integrations across major ATS providers

4-6 week implementation timeline


Middleware service that flexibly connects to a variety of systems and ATS APIs where prebuilt connectors are not yet available

Custom - Client Built

Client driven implementation leveraging pymetrics API documentation

Timeline dependent on client resources and needs

Soft Skills API

Power decisions across the talent lifecycle by surfacing unique soft skills data within existing HR systems.

  • Generate a holistic view of candidates and employees through addition of predictive and fair soft skills data
  • Integrate pymetrics data within HR system of choice to power existing processes and workflows
  • Receive unique behavioral trait data revealing candidate potential and development reports to drive better talent decisions
  • For more information on how to access our API, click here

Integration Benefits

Streamlined Talent Evaluation

  • Integrate unique soft skills data into your talent ecosystem to drive seamless and holistic decision-making alongside other information
  • One-time assessment of talent can be reused across the entire talent lifecycle in any system of choice

Better Talent Decisions

  • Help talent find best-fit opportunities by adding soft skills to the matching process
  • Remain agile by hiring for future-facing soft skills as the market and hiring needs change over time
  • Increase retention and strengthen employee development by leveraging soft skills to understand future potential. Additionally, reskill your workforce based on hard skills gaps.
  • Optimize the screening of well-qualified, experienced external hires by identifying job seekers most likely to stay longer

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