pymetrics Partners With HiredScore To Converge Soft And Hard Skills For Talent Acquisition And Talent Management

Press Release
June 23, 2021

NEW YORK, June 23, 2021

pymetrics and HiredScore today announced a new partnership to help modern talent teams evaluate, guide and manage candidates more effectively and unlock human potential using the first-ever combination of hard and soft skills. This solution will power the ability to evaluate, guide and manage candidates more effectively and fairly. Additionally, both platforms are world-renowned leaders in the deployment of bias-mitigated AI, proactively ensuring that their algorithms are built and continually monitored for lack of demographic bias.

Together, HiredScore's human resource intelligence and pymetrics' recently launched soft skills API will enable recruiters and hiring managers to identify the most relevant talent using both hard and soft skills in one single view, resulting in more efficient and comprehensive recruiting outcomes. Mutual customers will be able to take advantage of comprehensive talent evaluation, seamless integration, data synchronization, and process automation between the two platforms.

"Skills are quickly becoming the new currency for talent," said Helen Poiteven, VP Analyst at Gartner with a focus on Human Capital Management technologies. "The goal is to get insights and data that help track the combination of skills, knowledge, experience, behavior, interests, motivation and preferences of each employee over time."

The partnership will enable talent acquisition leaders to maintain a more comprehensive and efficient talent evaluation process. For joint pymetrics and HiredScore clients, recruiters will be able to access pymetrics' reports directly in the HiredScore platform to help them proactively identify the most relevant prospects.

"For years we've heard our client's frustration with the decision to either provide talent with growth opportunities or hire for business readiness," said Athena Karp, CEO of HiredScore. "By connecting our deep understanding of job qualifications across all types of talent with soft skills evaluations, we can finally enable a new way of identifying and selecting talent that achieves business goals of speed, cost, and quality, while also progressing diversity and inclusion agendas."

"By unlocking unique soft skills data within traditional hiring software we are streamlining the hiring process and enabling more companies to find the talent that best fits their needs now as well as the future," said Frida Polli, CEO of pymetrics. "With these insights at their fingertips, customers can quickly and accurately map people to jobs where they will thrive."

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About HiredScore
HiredScore makes hiring more fair and efficient by enabling the largest, most innovative companies to progress human resource transformation agendas across 150 countries to continually achieve business goals while also unlocking social goals. HiredScore's proprietary AI for talent acquisition and talent management proactively mitigates bias with customized-by-client human resource intelligence that seamlessly connects to data and systems to drive optimal and fair decisions. With a decade of expertise, HiredScore powers the Fortune 500 in understanding and connecting work and all talent types, from internal, external, active, passive, perm and the extended workforce.

About pymetrics
pymetrics leverages soft skills and fairness-optimized AI technology to help enterprise companies build diverse teams of top performers. pymetrics identifies the key behavioral indicators required to be successful in any given role. With these insights at their fingertips, customers can quickly and accurately map people to jobs where they will thrive. Millions of job seekers around the world have played pymetrics' games and the technology is live and compliant in 100+ countries, 29 languages and across web, Android and iOS apps.