High Volume & Hourly Worker.

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Soft & Hard Skills

Provide job seekers with a holistic way to find internal job opportunities, prioritizing roles based on soft skills as well as hard skills matches

Upskilling Employees to Close Gaps

Upskill or reskill employees with personalized course recommendations to close any skills gaps and unlock career pathways


Talent Acquisition

Identify behaviors exhibited by candidates to ascertain how they align with the company capabilities/values.

Professional Mobility

Assist employees in improving specific company capabilities to aid in their professional development.

Case Studies

Higher performance in 600+ call center hires

Pain Points
This Client wanted to identify top customer service talent who would meet their goals for excellence in the areas of performance, compliance and schedule adherence.
They wanted to introduce a top of funnel screening tool that would reduce their time to hire without compromising quality or applicant experience. Efficiency gains and user satisfaction were supported by a seamless integration with Workday.
Results (Amongst py-recommended hires)


more schedule adherence


more top performers


twice as likely to meet compliance standards

14 days

reduction in time to hire

Hiring effectiveness in action for 300+ hourly worker hires

Pain Points
Client was looking to identify best fit hourly worker applicants to demonstrate increased punctuality and increased worker performance
pymetrics was able to achieve these goals by prioritizing recommended applicants who were more punctual and performed better in the role.


py-recommended hires were 1.4x more likely to be punctual


Increase in performance post-pymetrics implementation