Early Careers & Campus Hiring 

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Select Best Fit Talent for Any Role

Core Soft Skills

In just 20 - 25 minutes, users can partake in 12 core exercises that capture cognitive, emotional and social traits. These behavioral assessments provide rich feedback for recruiters and managers as well as the candidates themselves…not to mention a 95%+ candidate satisfaction rating.

Risk Tolerance
Decision Making

Quantitative Skills

Beyond the core assessments, users have access to an additional 4 exercises that fairly and accurately measure quantitative ability. These exercises take 7-10 minutes and help to broaden the understanding of an applicant's potential in a specific role with a 98% completion rate.


Communication Skills

With tailored interview questions that are easily shareable across HR managers, applicants can be assured they’re answering efficient and fair prompts. Applicants can practice as much as they need and can
re-record once if needed.

Pre-application Career Guidance

Power career sites with soft skills driven prioritization of best fit careers

Source Best Candidates from Existing Database

Maximize potential of entire candidate pool by surfacing best fit applicants across all roles to recruiters

Measure Capabilities

Identify candidate and employee capabilities to better understand the behaviors they will exhibit in your organization

Career Guidance for Employees

Put the ownership in the employees hands to discover career recommendations based on soft skills fit

Personalized Learning

Upskill or reskill employees with personalized course recommendations to close any skills gaps and unlock career pathways

Match any applicant to any role, function, or capability

Career profiles built from a database of millions of soft skill profiles or customized to your business

Custom Models
Unique to any role at your company
Occupational Models
Any role at your company
Functional Models
Any function at your company
Capability Models
Any capability or competency critical to succeeding in your company