Professional Hiring.

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Talent Acquisition

Numerical & Logical Reasoning Assessment

Broaden understanding of one’s potential by measuring quantitative reasoning skills for specific analytical and finance roles through additional 4 games, all in one user platform

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HiredScore Partnership

Screen qualified and experienced applicant pool by identifying talent most likely to stay longer and perform better based on soft skills. Shortlist the set of best-fit candidates who can skill-up and be successful in new roles 

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Professional Mobility

Workforce Insights

Explore the inherent soft skills of your workforce, highlighting similarities & differences across organizational & standard industry benchmarks to see what set’s your organization apart

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Workforce Mobilization & Planning

Mobilize employees between jobs, either laterally or vertically, for career and succession planning

Soft & Hard Skills

Holistic understanding of talent based on soft and hard skills within existing HRIS system of choice

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Talent Acquisition

Identify behaviors exhibited by candidates to ascertain how they align with the company capabilities/values.

Professional Mobility

Assist employees in improving specific company capabilities to aid in their professional development.

Case Study

Leading Media Corp drives quality offers and efficiency for 1k candidates
Pain Points
The client was looking to add objective data to their hiring process, drive diversity of hires, and streamline the recruiter experience.
pymetrics was able to demonstrate potential time and cost savings and deliver on adding more objectivity to the hiring process.
Greater likelihood for pymetrics recommended candidates to receive offer 
Projected Time and Cost Savings
Candidate completion rate