Learning & Development.

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Drive Employee Engagement & Development

A single dataset paired with comprehensive results aid in the transition from candidate to employee. Leaders & Managers have access to distinct reports

Employees are able to see a detailed report of their soft skill strengths as well as opportunities fit to those skills

Personalized, 14-page Development Report for employees and managers to elevate coaching and hone strategies to bolster future readiness

Employers: Guides to Support Employee Development

  • Development reports allow for data-driven L&D strategies
  • Fully integrated, simple-to-use platform
  • Manager Guide on how to have 1-1 coaching conversations
  • Capability reports with behavior recommendations and learning content

Develop Employees Towards Specific Capabilities

Develop individuals against the capabilities needed to succeed in today’s workforce, and for the workforce of tomorrow

Workday Journeys Partnership

Employee-driven career development to drive engagement and retention

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Case Studies

Global CPG firm powering employee placement

Identify best fit placement for employees while providing learning and development resources to support coaching conversations


of Trainees were a strong or medium fit to one or more placement opportunities


Employee satisfaction with their pymetrics Development Report


Program Manager satisfaction with the pymetrics Development Report and Manager Guide