pymetrics joins forces with Harver!

Frida Polli, PhD
August 11, 2022

As an organization we are so excited about this acquisition. The missions for both companies are incredibly aligned, which has always been paramount for the pymetrics team. pymetrics’ mission of helping people and companies unleash their true potential today and tomorrow is in complete concert with Harver’s desire to put purpose to work. The synergy is amazing, allowing us to “be better together.”

Harver is acquiring pymetrics to add multiple aspects to their existing platform. First, pymetrics brings cutting-edge behavioral and data science to the Harver offering. Second, pymetrics brings deep expertise in the professional space. Third, pymetrics’ recently launched talent mobility and learning and development offerings allows Harver to expand into those areas.

The pyteam is super proud of what we have built. We have profoundly transformed the industry, calling for increased transparency and explainability for HR tech vendors. The acquisition by Harver is a recognition of our great work, impact we have had to date, and the market’s acknowledgement that pymetrics and Harver together will continue to play an important role in transforming the talent landscape.

This acquisition will enable us to accelerate growth and innovation, and increase scale. It also creates a far more comprehensive platform for our customers. We have amazing ingredients, client base, team and opportunity, the sky's the limit.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.