pymetrics Talent Marketplace

We believe there's a best-fit job for everyone. And pymetrics is here to make that happen.

Introducing Talent Marketplace

pymetrics’ Talent Marketplace is a one-of-a-kind solution that matches individuals with their best-fit roles.

It can be used to:
1. Help redeploy displaced workers from one company into roles at another
2. Help companies give employees new opportunities within the organization
3. Aid individuals in finding their next role, accurately and without bias

What it is 

To help connect individuals with their best-fit roles, this solution marries the pymetrics’ matching engine with:  
aptitudes + skills + training

Why it Matters 

Give your off-boarded employees a soft landing by providing them with a tool to help them better understand themselves, get personalized learning recommendations, and access to roles where they’re assessed to be a good fit. In short, you can leave displaced employees with a positive impression of your company.

Optimize your existing talent and give employees a growth path by opening up internal roles to them based on their aptitudes and skills.

Individuals, too, benefit from this experience, as they not only receive recommendations on new roles where they might be a fit, they also receive a personalized report that highlights their most unique traits and recommendations on how to apply those at work. 

How it works 


Companies invite employees to join pymetrics Talent Marketplace. The individual plays the pymetrics games that measure potential, not pedigree.  


Individuals share more detail about their background & experience. The built-in engine assesses their skills and provides them with a summary of gaps.


Learning engine provides personalized training recommendations based on a skills assessment gap to help individuals move into their next role.  


Based on the aptitudes + skills, pymetrics then matches an individual with open roles in the marketplace where they’re likely to be a strong fit.  

The pymetrics Difference 

No one makes an impact like pymetrics. We have always emphasized that the soft skills matching process should not be about identifying what a person has done in the past, but what they could do in the future. We believe that this adaptive mindset should be the guiding principle for our economic reinvigoration. This bold vision is supported by three key differentiators in our platform:

Differentiated Data

Direct measurement always beats self report. That’s why pymetrics captures behavioral data. Our digital assessments were adapted from globally-validated research and pymetrics has a patent for their use in HR.

Focus on Fit

Rather than filtering people in and out of jobs, the pymetrics platform plays matchmaker by evaluating people for any role in the pymetrics ecosystem. Every person has a fit— redirect, don’t reject.


We ensure gender and ethnic unbiasedness in every algorithm we deploy. We’re establishing the highest standard for ethical AI design and even open-sourced our de-biasing methodology to encourage others to do the same.