Now Available: Talent Marketplace for Redeployment – Supporting displaced employees in the new economy

Marie Baldauf-Lenschen
July 14, 2020

More than 40 million Americans and millions more worldwide have been displaced from their jobs due to the economic disruption caused by COVID-19. Because so many roles have been virtually wiped out, many workers need to transition into new jobs.  But how can they discover what new position might be right for them, where they’ll be a good fit?  How can they get the re-skilling they need to transition from their previous role to their next? 

Introducing Talent Marketplace for Redeployment

pymetrics’ Talent Marketplace for Redeployment, available today, helps displaced workers find their next role, by matching them with available jobs based on their aptitude and skills matches. It upskills users by serving recommended training based on individual skills gaps and the requirements for a role. 

Here’s how it works: 

1. When companies need to downsize their workforce, they provide employees they are off-boarding with a link to the pymetrics Talent Marketplace for Redeployment.


2. The individual then creates their Talent Passport, which takes less than 35 minutes.  

a) First, they play through the pymetrics gamified exercises, which measure the cognitive, social, and emotional aptitudes unique to that individual. 

b) Next, they share information about their work experience and skills. Skills gap analysis is powered by Burning Glass.

c) Finally, they can create a video that lets them share more about themselves with potential employer. 

3. Once their Talent Passport is created, they enter the Talent Marketplace, where they can explore two areas: 

a) Jobs: Based on their aptitudes and skills, the matching engine surfaces specific available openings where the individual would be a good fit. There are three match options:  Overall Match (both aptitudes and skills match to the role), Aptitude Only Match, Skills Only Match.    

b) Careers:  Also driven by their aptitudes and skills, the Careers area provides a way for individuals to explore roles where they might be a good fit. So, someone who may have previously worked at the front desk of a hotel could explore a role associated with software customer support, understand the key functions of the role, and see how well their aptitudes and skills overlap with this new role.  For Aptitude Only Matches, pymetrics then surfaces recommended training courses that can help close the gap in the specific skills that person is missing for the role.  

These capabilities will be available for any individual who enters the Talent Marketplace, including those referred by SkillUp or by employers as part of redirection during their application and selection processes. 

If you’re an employer who needs to off-board employees and would like to help them find their next role using Talent Marketplace for Redeployment, Contact us