Cross-functional innovation 

We blend new soft-skill science with audited, fairness-optimized AI to measure human potential.

It starts with soft skills 

Audited, fairness-optimized AI 

We can design AI to be both accurate and fair by using these three principles. First, we start with better data: evenly-distributed soft-skills data. Second, we only release algorithms if they meet stringent accuracy and fairness standards (lacking disparate impact). Finally, we don’t ask you to take our word for it: we had our platform independently audited to ensure full transparency.

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Transparent tech policy 

In publicly auditing our technology, we intend to lead the way in transparent technology, which includes promoting industry-wide transparency, accountability and safeguards for the public. We support numerous initiatives that advance the goal of transparency in tech at the local, state and federal level.

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Backed by research 

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Meet the science team 

Frida Polli, PhD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lewis Baker, PhD

Director of Data Science

Lori Foster, PhD

Head of Behavioral Science

A broader community 

pymetrics is committed to contributing to scientific knowledge about ethical AI. We work with academics from a variety of disciplines including computer science, psychology, economics, and law, to provide new information about our technology that is transparent and useful for diverse audiences.