Independently-audited, ethically-trained AI

We believe that AI can play a critical role in shaping the world for the better. However, that will only become a reality if we build AI I to meet the highest standards of accuracy and fairness.

First, we start with data that has far less bias than traditional sources like the resume or a cognitive test. Second, we only release an algorithm that meets stringent accuracy and lack of disparate impact standards. Finally, our platform has been independently audited to ensure maximum transparency.

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Why ethics? Why now?

About our independent audit 

A fair future for everyone

As an organization committed to using AI for social good, pymetrics strives to be transparent in our interactions with employers, candidates, and the general public. The models we build can have very real implications for people’s lives, so we believe we have a special responsibility to be forthcoming about our process. 

We invited a group of AI auditing experts, Chriso Wilson and Alan Mislove from Northeastern University, to conduct an independent, third-party audit of our codebase and platform for objectivity and fairness. They had access to the codebase, data, and a representative set of models, and ran their own statistical tests. The results were made fully public after peer-review by ACM FaccT 2021 public. We intend to set the industry precedent for how to conduct a third-party audit.

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In the news 

In publicly auditing our technology, we intend to lead the way in transparent technology, which includes asking the industry for more transparency, accountability and safeguards for the public. For this reason, we support numerous local initiatives local in NYC and LA, as well as initiatives at the federal and state level, that promote transparent tech. 

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