Workforce Insights: Latest Features & Use Cases

Kristen Flores
July 27, 2020

Workforce Insights was built as a solution to solve common challenges associated with people data; specifically, that is often siloed and fragmented, outdated, and focused on past experience instead of future potential - not optimal predictors of future success. 

pymetrics focuses on a different dataset - one that is evergreen, bidirectional, de-biased, and highly predictive of future success. How? By focusing on soft skills. Harnessing such data is especially important for talent leaders in evolving work environments focused on building a workforce that can withstand the demands of the future. 

Use cases for Workforce Insights include: 

Developing data-driven L&D strategies 

Measure where your employees fall on the bi-directional scale of attributes and see how they compare to others within and outside of your organization, rather than relying on often-biased self assessments. Identify skills gaps and build L&D strategies around them. 

Optimizing teamwork 

See how teams are similar and where they are different, identify friction points before they arise and use data points to inform manager training and bridge gaps for improved teamwork. 

Unlocking what makes your organization unique 

Benchmark your team against others in similar roles, and understand what makes them unique and sets them apart from similar teams at other companies. 

Understanding your Workforce DNA

Dig deeper into how your people compare across teams, regions, and seniority levels - identify similarities or differences you might want to capitalize on when recruiting new team members. 

Bringing competencies to life 

Map attributes to competencies, see where your team excels and then determine strategies for leaning into strengths or strengthening weaknesses. 

NEW feature for Workforce Insights! 

You can now group data however you’d like to view it and upload any kind of data you’d like to use as a filter. In addition to analyzing data by tenure and role, compare across regions, by performance level, or by management across teams.

What kind of questions do you want answered through insights that can improve your people strategies? 

Industrial Organizational Psychologists help tailor what kind of filters might be useful to get you the answers you want to meet your goals. Provide guidance with actionable next steps - advice your employees can use for their own self development. 

How clients are using Workforce Insights today: 

Increasing call center performance 

Comparing Workforce Insights data with proprietary success profiles for call center employees allowed this organization to identify where employees were strong and where gaps existed. Working with pymetrics IO psychologists, the organization developed exercises individuals could incorporate into their day-to-day tasks and review as a team with their managers to understand what attributes were associated with a high performer and how to individually tailor their behavior to optimize performance and ultimately lead to better business outcomes. 

Improving team collaboration 

All employees working on the same team played through the pymetrics games to better understand their personal attributes as well as the collective team attributes to visualize similarities and differences. As a team, they discussed these findings and used the Power Skills Playbook, a framework created by our team to help organizations turn insights into informed L&D decisions, to discuss the benefits and challenges of the team similarities and differences. Working with IO psychologists, they were able to identify areas for improved collaboration and individual improvement strategies to better aligning to the team.  

Supporting employees in the new WFH environment 

Comparing data from a survey on how comfortable employees felt working from home to individuals' attributes allowed one organization to understand what attributes might lead to optimally navigating working from home. Working with pymetrics IO psychologists, the organization was able to suggest specific actions individuals could take to better adapt based on their attributes. 

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