New Features Unlock Insights into Your Workforce

Priyanka Jain
May 5, 2020

How many times have you asked yourself: 

- What makes my employees unique and how do they compare with industry benchmarks…

- How can I give my employees a way to better understand themselves and how to best apply their characteristics at work? 

- Is my company digitally ready, do we possess the attributes to be agile, how can we best work together as a team...

...or a hundred other questions whose answers would give you confidence in your workforce decisions?

Chances are, it’s been difficult if not impossible to answer these questions in the past, and that’s why we at pymetrics are so excited to share with you a new set of capabilities, available today.

Workforce Insights helps you answer key talent management questions and future-proof your workforce using a unique dataset and interactive dashboard.  It’s easy to use, quick to get started, and engaging for you and your employees. Let’s take a look… 

Better Insights Start with Better Data

Workforce Insights leverages the data collected when employees play pymetrics’ behavioral science-based games. These games assess an employee’s cognitive, social, and emotional attributes. Simply have your team play the games, and you can immediately begin to reveal insights you’ve never been able to before.  

Visualizations that Bring Data to Life

As soon as five employees have played the pymetrics games, your Insights dashboard comes to life. Get a high-level overview of the DNA of your workforce - and understand the soft skills that make your teams, roles, or regions similar or different.


The dashboard is highly interactive - you can cluster employees by role, region, team, or other dimensions that are important to your business. Filter the data down to get a more granular look at how the attributes change due to tenure, location, or position.

You can even compare your organization to industry benchmarks, to help understand what sets your company apart. 

Action Out of Insight

With all of this data at your fingertips, you can explore the areas that are most important to your business - today and into the future.  

1) Bring Competencies to Life: Explore how each team lines up to the competencies that matter most to your company, as well as strategies for where they can improve for each. Some examples include Digital Literacy, Agility, Grit, and Teamwork, among others. 

2) Unlock What Makes You Different: Check out how each of your roles compares to an industry benchmark. You can then use our strategies to inform training or highlight what makes you different in your employer branding.

3) Optimize Teamwork: Discover each team’s inherent attributes, what that means for how teams work together, and strategies to improve their collaboration based on their inherent attributes. 

4) Pursue Data-driven L&D Strategies: Gain insights into how each team learns and the best ways to train them. 

In addition, you’ll get access to and training on our “Power Skills Playbook,” where we provide you with frameworks on how to take action on your data.  

Good for Your Employees, Too

In addition to giving you insights into your workforce DNA, your employees get a personalized trait report that helps them understand their unique traits.  They can use this information to have a discussion with their manager about their work style, challenges, and opportunities, and help them think about their future career path.  

Built with Speed in Mind

We know that having access to data that helps you make better decisions faster is critical - even more so now as the world changes around us due to the coronavirus.  That’s why we designed Workforce Insights with ease and speed in mind.  You can be up and running and learning from Insights within just one week:

- The games are fast, easy, and fun for employees to complete in less than 30 minutes. 

- Data fuels the dashboard immediately after five employees play. 

- You can inspect and query the data to learn about your workforce and start making data-driven decisions immediately. 

If you need more support, our Client Services and IO Psychology teams can provide you with best practices guidance, training, bespoke mapping of your competencies, and interpretation of your data.  

Why Wait? Understand the DNA of Your Workforce Today

According to Gartner, “only enterprises equipped with talent data and insights will meet the fast-paced demands of digital business and the next-generation workforce.” pymetrics’ Workforce Insights equips you with actionable insights you can leverage today to build the best workforce for tomorrow.  

To learn more, contact us or preview our Insights Webinar recording here which showcases Workforce Insights in action.