Talent Mobility in the New Normal with Josh Bersin

Kristen Flores
May 15, 2020

pymetrics recently hosted global industry analyst, Josh Bersin, in a webinar to discuss the importance of talent mobility in the new normal. Bersin, along with pymetrics’ Founder & CEO, Dr. Frida Polli, shared factors for talent leaders to consider as they think about building and maintaining a thriving workforce in the era of COVID-19 and beyond. Check out the recording and our key takeaways below:

New methods to meet same demand
Consumers’ needs have not drastically changed, but the way companies fulfill these needs has. For example, those who prefer takeout are still ordering food, but the delivery method has switched to curbside pickup as opposed to on-site takeout. Leaders must harness their existing workforce to produce new, creative strategies like this to meet future consumer demand. The key to this transformation is identifying the skills your employees already possess and how they map to the new skills needed in the future, helping to optimize the value of your current workforce.

The time is now
This period of disruption and breakdown of barriers gives talent leaders, especially those in heavily impacted industries, an excuse to rethink talent management strategies and implement data-driven technologies to better understand their workforce. These data-driven insights are crucial for effectively mapping employees to future roles that are essential for future business success. 

Focus on the power skills
Human or “power” skills are the skills talent leaders need to assess in order to identify successful employees in the long run, particularly in a time when demand for hard skillsets is evolving rapidly. While technical skills can be learned through training, facilitating success in long term careers requires a focus on assessing attributes such as generosity, empathy, flexibility, integrity, and drive to match candidates and employees to their best-fit roles. The pymetrics games focus on identifying the below power skills and matching candidates to the success profiles for your current open roles:

It’s all about fit and everyone fits somewhere
The most successful workforce of the future is built on matching a human to their best fit role based on a combination of soft skills, values, interests, and experience. Recognizing the unique potential of each candidate reaps benefits across the board from positive employer branding and increased diversity, to higher employee satisfaction / retention and increased worker productivity.  

Now more than ever, pymetrics is excited to use our technology to help those whose jobs have been affected by COVID-19. We have launched Talent Marketplace to help employees to gain a deeper understanding of their power skills, identify their best-fit roles, and access resources to close any skill gaps to succeed in their new roles.

If you'd like to learn more about how pymetrics' solutions can help you with talent mobility, contact us here.