Ask pymetrics: our team answers your most commonly asked soft skill assessment questions

Ariela Douglas
July 15, 2022

We’re pymetrics! We leverage behavioral soft skills assessments to help enterprise companies build diverse teams of top performers. But what does that mean for you and your company? Below, we answer a few regularly asked questions, as well as provide a little clarity into what makes pymetrics so unique.

Q: Why is it important to assess soft skills in addition to a resume?

A: Adding a soft skill data layer to your existing talent acquisition and talent management strategy enables your team to hire for today and retain and grow for tomorrow. Marie Baldauf-Lenschen, director of product at pymetrics, puts it best:

“Modern and innovative HR teams realize that the traditional resume review process isn’t designed for the world we live in. Candidates today appreciate not only speed and efficiency, but a sense of individualization. They want to feel like a prospective company is making an active effort to understand and support their career growth. Understanding the deeper layers of a candidate or employee's capabilities and development needs (through bespoke and custom soft skills assessments) is the only way forward to creating meaningful talent acquisition and development."

By mitigating inherent human biases through our audited AI platform, we help your team to identify quality candidates, hire equitably and reduce turnover rate.

Q: How does pymetrics integrate with existing HR processes?

A: Many teams want to apply something systematic to a large funnel that will give them better and more diverse candidate pools, but are afraid that the addition won’t be seamless. Generally, new tools and/or tech require a significant change management period and can be prone to employee pushback, especially amid hybrid and remote work.

Some companies have preconceived concerns surrounding candidate completion rates...they're afraid of drop off. But unlike the rest of the market, pymetrics has actually been able to increase overall application completion rates by over 30% – more candidates are entering the funnel because of us. The way pymetrics integrates with existing HRIS tools, and our robust and ongoing integration efforts, ensures everyone has the tools and support they need to dive in.

Q: What makes pymetrics different?

A: As explained by pymetrics’ own Adam Harrison, Account Director, Global Enterprise, our platform is one of a kind, both in ethos and satisfaction rate (an impressive 98+% to be exact).

He says, “As a former headhunter, I saw that no matter how unique a resume looks, interviews only scratch the surface at differentiating between these candidates…and are often rife with bias. The way ahead is adding soft skill assessments to the mix, giving HR teams the ability to understand a candidate's cognitive/behavioral alignment to a specific role. Candidates find themselves hired for roles that are a true fit and companies find candidates that are more likely to hit the ground running, be promoted, and stay longer."

Interested in a no pressure chat? We’d love to walk you through how leveraging behavioral soft skill assessments can give your team the data they need to hire with meaningful diversity in mind and improve overall retention.

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