pymetrics launches latest workforce insight feature for hybrid and remote work

Ariela Douglas
March 29, 2022

pymetrics, a leading soft skills platform, announced the launch of the latest feature on their workforce insights platform which enables increased productivity within remote/hybrid work by utilizing a data-driven, behavioral approach to better understand employees. pymetrics’ workforce insights can visualize an entire organization’s set of behavioral soft skills, providing  insights into how employees are likely to respond to a remote or hybrid work environment.

As the world establishes our new normal post pandemic, employees and businesses are keen to maintain the benefits that remote and hybrid work have provided over the past two years. According to HBR, 90% of employers are planning to adopt a hybrid working model for their knowledge workers in 2022, as this flexibility has become table stakes for employee satisfaction and retention.

One of the biggest challenges amid this new normal is maintaining employee engagement and team productivity given the lack of human interaction, the struggle to stay motivated, and the ability to cope with distractions. This lack of engagement is a key driver of the highest resignation rates we’ve seen in decades, as well as general employee satisfaction, development and performance. How do we ensure that all employees are set up for success in this new world of work, especially  those who prefer in-person interactions and who might not be as engaged or productive working from home?

Through this data-driven approach to remote and hybrid work, employers are able to answer questions such as, “Through this data-driven approach to remote and hybrid work, employers like EY are able to answer questions such as what behaviors are counterproductive to working remotely or in a hybrid setting? Where do specific teams/employees fall in comparison to the ideal range for remote and hybrid work and how can I develop them towards their individual  goal states to optimize engagement and productivity?"

During a time when our teams were seeking to adjust to the new hybrid working model the data from Pymetrics provided unique insight, clarity and direction both on an individual and a team level.
– Paul Scantlebury, Talent Attraction & Acquisition APAC/Global Strategy Implementation Leader at EY

While an employee’s innate soft skills are generally stable over time, a specific work environment might emphasize where successful employees fall as it relates to certain competencies or social preferences. By developing one’s abilities towards the optimal range of success, businesses can benefit from a higher likelihood of their talent being more engaged when working remotely or in a hybrid setting, ultimately driving retention, satisfaction, and performance.

About pymetrics

pymetrics leverages soft skills-optimized AI technology to help enterprise companies build diverse teams of top performers. pymetrics identifies the key behavioral indicators required to be successful in any given role. With these insights at their fingertips, customers can quickly and accurately map people to jobs where they will thrive. Millions of job seekers around the world have played pymetrics' games and the technology is live and compliant in 100+ countries, 29 languages and across web, Android and iOS apps.