3 Benefits to Utilizing a Scalable Soft Skills Platform: Attracting and Retaining Talent Amid the Great Reset

Ariela Douglas
January 6, 2022

The Great Resignation has affected both employers and employees, regardless of industry, location, or career type. Workers are quitting their jobs in record numbers for roles that are better cultural fits, may pay better, and take into consideration both their personal and professional goals. Employers now have the world as their potential talent pool and employees have more options than ever in terms of how, when, and where they wish to work. Thankfully, as we move past The Great Resignation, the world's workforce is stepping into The Great Reset. This shift isn’t specific to any industry or role -- this is a workplace issue.

Now is the time to consider how AI techniques and tools can be used to identify and map relationships between skills, enable automatic matching, skills inferences, and career-path mapping. 

A Long-Term Fit

Top-tier talent is looking for companies that invest in their most important asset, their people. For employers, the process of finding the perfect long-term employee begins before the potential candidate even enters the door. An applicant's first experience with email communication, upper management, and interviewing is all part of the candidate experience. This is an opportunity for organizations to reset how they think about talent via multi-viewpoint data.

However, efficiency and consistency in hiring and retention is hindered by data living in many places. The power of a single assessment providing context on unique attributes, how individuals perform best, and environments they thrive in can work for both external hires and internal promotions. In fact, Gartner has reported that by 2025, 20% of large enterprises will have deployed an internal talent marketplace. Don’t fall behind the competition by failing to adapt to the newest, most reliable standards.

The Value of Soft Skills 

Hard skills such as education or certifications have historically been what employers consider when making a new hire. However, unique cognitive, social, and emotional attributes should also be considered when looking to hire for long-term success. A more diverse workforce (in all aspects) leads to more points of view, resulting in more innovations and breakthroughs. The ability to thrive in the day-to-day of a role can’t be measured simply through a resume, the right platform can help enable you with the tech to prevent another “Great Resignation” and measure candidates efficiently and fairly.

A Holistic Approach  

In addition to individualized feedback, a scalable platform like Pymetrics can provide aggregated insights into the workforce as a whole. What are candidates looking for in a new role on the East Coast vs. West Coast? What is the learning style of engineers vs salespeople? Enacting holistic, multi-measured data can impact how a company effectively rolls out a training program to a new employee or checks in with existing team members for thoughtful career growth. 

To unlock this potential, you need a single scalable universally relevant platform to empower organizations to analyze data consistently and fairly. Click here to watch our webinar on reimagining talent strategies to accurately measure candidates’ skills and best retain your top talent.