Let the
perfect talent fall into place 

Talent decisions have historically depended on biased, non-predictive, and self-reported data, resulting in workforce homogeneity, a poor candidate experience, and weaker performance outcomes.

It’s time to reinvent the status quo by leveraging soft skills and unbiased algorithms to find the best person for any job.

pymetrics has built an unbiased soft skills platform that leverages objective data for better predictions about fit and potential—and we’re just in time. Companies everywhere are facing transformational challenges and only our end-to-end talent solutions can give them the data they need to navigate the future of work.

Talent acquisition 

pymetrics transforms how you hire the next generation of your workforce. With our platform, talent leaders are hiring their most diverse teams in history, seeing 75% reduction in time to hire, 100% increase in hire yield, and 25% decrease in costs—all with record candidate satisfaction. Modernize your talent acquisition efforts and build a practice that is efficient, predictive, unbiased and user-centric.


Insurance and asset management firm shows massive recruiting gains.


candidates enjoyed the process


more likely to stay with the firm


increased sales per year

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Multinational holding company plans for the future of work.


existing employees assessed


custom models to identify future-proof roles


generic models to identify future opportunities

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A platform powered by data 

We leverage recent developments in science and technology to gather objective data through accurate assessments that engage your candidates.

Core games

A patented set of 12 games that accurately measure cognitive and emotional attributes based on gold-standard behavioral research.

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Numerical & logical reasoning

An additional set of 4 games designed to accurately measure numerical and logical reasoning based on the latest science.

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Digital interviews

A comprehensive evaluation of every candidate with job-relevant digital interviews recorded from a single, integrated platform and evaluated in a streamlined process.

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Visualize the impact 



Time Saved


Money Saved


Hire Yield Increase


Diversity IncreaSE


The pymetrics edge 

Differentiated data

Why do doctors put patients on a scale rather than ask them their weight? Because direct measurement always beats self report. That’s why pymetrics captures behavioral data rather than relying on resumes or questionnaires. Our digital assessments were adapted from globally-validated research and pymetrics has a patent for their use in HR.


We ensure gender and ethnic objectiveness in every algorithm we deploy. We’re establishing the highest standard for ethical AI design with organizations such as the EEOC, Stanford University, and the World Economic Forum. We even open-sourced our de-biasing methodology to encourage others to do the same.

Focus on fit

Rather than filtering people in and out of jobs, the pymetrics platform plays matchmaker by evaluating people for any role within your company, and ultimately, any role in the pymetrics ecosystem. Our matching engine powers recruiting, candidate guidance, internal mobility, reskilling, workforce insights and more. Every person has a fit—redirect, don’t reject.

Personalized prediction

We let the data tell the story—our soft skills algorithms are based on the unique differentiators of your high performing employees. Our behavioral assessments capture the nuances of your roles and company, training custom algorithms that represent success in each role at your organization.

Backed by research