Soft Skills: Your Competitive Workforce Advantage

Soft skills are clear predictors of how fast and well businesses will recover and transform––and while they are not new we have only just started to seriously measure and cultivate them in our workforce.

Soft skills data can be translated into actionable insights that inform talent selection, workforce gap analysis, employee learning & development, and internal mobilization.

Leveraging them in this way can serve as a key competitive advantage for your business and enable you to nurture the right talent in a way that minimizes bias & maximizes your return on your organization's most important investment: your human capital.

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  • Why the focus on soft skills in today's talent economy is essential
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  • How to capture objective soft skills data from your employees in real-time
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Putting the Human in HR with Soft Skills

When assessing candidates, looking beyond the resume isn’t just the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. Degrees and past experiences provide far too narrow of a view, while soft skills really expand the aperture of what someone is capable of and equip HR teams with a more holistic & human understanding of potential.

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