Putting a Spotlight on HR Capabilities

Over the last few months,  Bersin analysts have conducted extensive research and analysis into HR capabilities. We wanted to know where HR teams are typically strong, where there are skills gaps, and how current capabilities align to current business requirements. The data, mined from The Josh Bersin Company’s HR Capability Assessment, revealed some big surprises. Consider:

  • 70% of HR professionals rate themselves as novices on capabilities and experiences related to DEI.
  • Nearly half (47%) of HR business partners say they lack sufficient capabilities in people analytics.
  • Fewer than one in five recruiters consider themselves as experts in the use of mobile and social media to reach talent pools.

In this session, Josh Bersin hosts a conversation with two HR leaders who are focusing on capability development in their organizations. Their shared goal is building HR capabilities that align with organizational needs. Also joining the conversation is Dr. Frida Polli, a data scientist and CEO and founder of pymetrics. Topics covered during the session include:

  • The key capability areas currently prioritized by these leaders.
  • How HR development programs have changed to address capability gaps or new requirements.
  • The capabilities most critical for successful HR business partners.
  • Ways to use capability data to more efficiently deploy team members.

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Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company

Amy Farner, Senior Director of the Global HR Capability Project

Shibani Gopal, Vice President of HR for Risk Solutions, LexisNexis

Monet Valenzuela, Senior Director of Talent Development, PVH

Dr. Frida Polli, CEO & Founder, pymetrics

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