People Data of the Future: Ethical AI

These sessions are part of our series Reimagining People Data to Build a Workforce for the Future.

For HR leaders today, it’s clear now more than ever that what’s worked in the past won’t work for the future of acquiring and managing talent. Jobs and skills in demand are changing rapidly and relying on past experience is no longer the best predictor of future success. Hiring diverse talent becomes more urgent everyday and traditional ways of screening and assessing candidates include significant bias.

This series is meant to help you learn more about the data you need and how to harness it to build and maintain your best workforce.

In this session, Dr. Kelly Trindel, Head of IO Science and Policy at pymetrics will share how AI can help optimize how you use good people data. Hear best practices and considerations for how to use AI in people decisions ethically by evaluating fairness and validity and operating with transparency. Come away with ethical standards for evaluating vendors, implementing, and maintaining AI.

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