15 Minute Session

The Equalizing Potential of Soft Skills

A growing gap in employment opportunities between the low and high-skilled is hurting both businesses and workers. The 2020 WEF Future of Jobs Report predicts that 85 million jobs will be displaced by 2025, while 97 million new roles will emerge.

As businesses struggle to find talent with future-facing skills, large segments of the workforce struggle to be employed. Soft skills are recognized as an increasingly essential part of mobilizing our labor force, however employers have had difficulty actually identifying and measuring them.

In this session, learn more about how:

  • New technology enables fairness and accuracy in workforce decisions based on soft skills data
  • Soft skills power future-facing, one-to-many matching, pathways to economic opportunity, and more
  • pymetrics is able to capture unbiased soft skills data with our audited algorithms to support new standards of fairness and transparency in the workplace
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Finding The Next Great Idea

At pymetrics, we enable organizations to identify best-fit talent who will bring meaningful perspectives, and drive critical business outcomes. We match candidates’ inherent attributes to the right roles within your organization, setting you up for the breakthroughs that the coming years require. It makes you wonder…who’s going to spot the next great idea? Will you notice them?

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