Removing Bias from Talent Decisions with Artificial Intelligence

In the cases of hiring & talent mobility, why is the status quo flawed and how can we fix it?

We tend to rely on processes, such as resume reviews, employee-referral programs, and assessments that heavily depend on biased data.

AI holds the greatest promise for eliminating such bias for two main reasons: unlike humans, it can be actively de-biased, and it enables us to assess the entire pipeline of talent, thus expanding definitions of potential.

Learn more about key considerations to keep in mind while assessing AI-driven talent technologies, particularly around fairness, auditing, and transparency, and how pymetrics can support you in building out a world-class process to diversify and strengthen your workforce going forward.

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See the potential in everyone with pymetrics

With pymetrics' ethical and human-centered AI platform, match talent to opportunities based on their soft skills, not just their resume highlights––resulting in a more diverse workforce, reduced costs, and a better fit for everyone.

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