Video: pymetrics soft skills platform

Transform how you hire, manage, and retain a global workforce

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We’re pymetrics! We leverage gamified soft skills assessments to help enterprise companies build diverse teams of top performers. By mitigating inherent human biases through our audited AI platform, we can help your team to identify quality candidates, hire equitably, reduce turnover rate, and enhance overall talent performance. Adding a soft skill data layer to your existing talent acquisition and talent management strategy enables your team to hire for today and retain and grow for tomorrow.

pymetrics identifies the key behavioral indicators required to be successful in any given role. Millions of job seekers around the world have played pymetrics' games and the technology is live and compliant in 100+ countries, 29 languages and across web, Android and iOS apps.

Interested in a no pressure chat? We’d love to walk you through how leveraging gamified soft skill assessments can give your team the data they need to navigate the future of work, hire with meaningful diversity in mind, and improve overall retention.