Synopsis: Female Leadership in Tech: pymetrics’s Grace Kerrison on drivers to success

Jordan Ingersoll
February 3, 2020

Grace Kerrison, Managing Director of pymetrics in APAC, has embarked on a journey of continuous transformation and female leadership within cutting-edge technology organizations across the globe. She began her professional career in marketing at the Royal Bank of Canada’s Corporate Banking division during the e-commerce boom. She then moved on to work at multiple innovative tech organizations, including Advantage Group, Xtra, Microsoft, and Cisco, all the while reminding herself that,

“When looking at the next opportunity, it’s not just about what you have done, what you know and continuing along the same path. It’s about challenging yourself by doing a different type of role, so you not only progress upwards but gain breadth in your learnings too.”

After many years of obtaining key insights on being a leader in the digital world, she grew to appreciate the importance of authenticity in female leadership, and creating an inclusive and diverse environment where people can be the best version of themselves. This served her particularly well as she embraces on her latest and most exhilarating challenge yet: pymetrics. Since Grace joined in 2018, personnel has grown 3.5x, with offices expanding to Singapore and Australia and client bases reaching Japan and India.

For Grace, being a leader requires the wisdom to take on new challenges, while remaining curious and agile enough to constantly adapt to new environments and challenges. She strongly encourages her team to not only look forward, but also laterally in order to bolster development and maximize positive impact. We are so grateful for Grace’s contributions to our team at pymetrics, and the strong example of leadership and drive that she sets every day.

If you’re interested in connecting with Grace and her py-team in APAC, head to our Learn More page here! We would love to keep in touch.

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