Globally Scaled & Locally Relevant: Building Consistent, Multilingual Hiring Processes

Jacquelyn Soh
December 7, 2020

For global companies, sharing a common language with your applicants is a powerful way to deepen relationships and entrench your brand in a meaningful way. As businesses expand internationally, it is critical to attract and identify talent who can tap into the local culture and ways of working in order to ensure the company thrives in new markets. Providing candidates with the option to be interviewed in a language other than English signals your commitment to localize and goes a long way in putting them at ease. 

From the get-go, pymetrics was designed to be a global platform. Our core gamified assessments are available in 27 languages, and as of today, so is our Digital Interview platform. This means that our clients are able to offer candidates a seamless end-to-end hiring experience that elicits our core benefits of fairness, rigor, and innovativeness, without losing the linguistic nuances at any stage of the process.

Digital Interview Translations

The set-up for Digital Interview Translations is simple. From our client portal, recruiters can select how many and which languages they would like to enable while configuring the interview template for any role. Candidates can choose to take the interview in any of the predetermined language options. 


Recruiters also have the option to restrict responses to just one language should that be required for a job posting. In either case, candidates are asked the same job-related questions, and recruiters conduct their evaluations based on job-relevant competencies and behavioral anchors to ensure a standardized, bias-minimized process

With the widespread adoption of remote hiring processes, digital interviews have shifted from a novelty to a necessity. Get in touch with us to activate Digital Interview Translations today, and learn how else our platform can support you in building a globally scaled, yet locally relevant recruitment process.