pymetrics’ 1% Pledge: Our Product

Martine Cadet
May 5, 2020

Have you heard of the 1% Pledge?

No shame-- I hadn't heard of it until recently either! I was only familiar with Giving Tuesday - which typically happens the Tuesday after Thanksgiving - and is one of the programs they amplify. This year, Giving Tuesday is also taking place on May 5th as an emergency response to COVID-19.

Founding partner Salesforce, as well as Atlassian, Yelp, Robinhood, and over ten thousand other organizations, have committed to giving back in a structured way.  Pledge 1% works “to change the world by inspiring early-stage corporate philanthropy.”  Companies pledge 1% of their equity, time, product, and/or profit to support community organizations, non-profits, and societal causes.  What might seem like a small amount for these organizations translates to sustainable programming, operations, and impact for recipients.

I wanted to share one aspect of pymetrics’ involvement as a member of the Pledge 1% org because what they do perfectly aligns with who pymetrics is and how we operate.  At the heart of pymetrics is an unwavering commitment to fairness and equality, which is pervasive in our products, programs, and initiatives.  So, it was a no brainer that our CEO has committed time, resources, and product to this cause.

Our product donations play a dual role – meeting the 1% commitment for product, as well as helping to further democratize access to employment opportunities for any/all individuals who have the innate talent to be a good fit. We donate the pymetrics platform to community and/or learning organizations for members to use, and the platform in turn equitably matches the members to employment opportunities by removing bias from the hiring process.

This provides double the benefit to the organizations:

 1) Access to the platform through the pledge 1% commitment, and

 2) Better outcomes for their members by increasing placement rates, member satisfaction and job satisfaction.

It’s a privilege to be in a position to combine helping provide a fair opportunity for any and all talent with helping companies exceed their business goals.  I’d welcome the opportunity to learn more on how others are working to strike this balance and explore ways we can do it together.

In our next installment, we’ll share the other ways pymetrics is giving back through Pledge 1%.