Combine soft and hard skills to power workforce decisions, now and in the future

Holistically Evaluate Talent
  • Behavioral, objective soft skills to supplement experience and hard skills data
  • Identify experienced job seekers most likely to stay longer and perform better based on soft skills
  • Future-proof workforce by assessing skills of the future
Integrate HR Experiences
  • Streamline hiring processes by aggregating multiple datasets into a single system
  • Make hiring decisions in a fraction of the time
Source and Selected Diverse Talent
  • Identify talent with non-traditional backgrounds that may be overlooked using traditional methods
  • Source and nurture diverse talent in order to then select best fit applicants
  • Proactively assess diversity profile of applicants to make necessary optimizations

Close the gap on diversity goals.

Get visibility into the talent gaps.  Diversity Intelligence provides insight into diversity across the funnel, and in comparison to your company goals.

Source applicants based on soft & hard skills.

Source applicants in a dynamic or automated way based on soft skills, hard skills, both, from diversity pipelines, or any other criteria within Hiredscore