The Future of the HR Function 2021

Prepare HR to meet the challenges of a newly transformed world of work.

In this study, HR.COM surveyed HR leaders in their database on attitudes, concerns, priorities and skills of today's HR professionals, as well as their views on what will be most important in the near future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Over half of respondents agree that HR leaders successfully navigated the pandemic with creativity and agility and should find the space to focus on how to apply this strategically moving forward.
  • HR leaders should focus on defining expectations with business leaders as well as employees to ensure alignment, and close gaps identified.
  • Analytics in the HR function are essential and an area that should be prioritized. Consider training HR professionals for analytics proficiency as well as how to maximize usage of your organization's analytics solutions.
  • HR leaders should be involved in business and strategic planning, which will impact ability to plan for the future and better manage change.
  • HR should consider both shorter-term and longer-term plans. Shorter-term plans could involve strategies for meeting upcoming quarterly or annual goals. Longer-term plans could mean using approaches such as scenario planning to imagine how their HR departments should evolve given an assortment of possible future scenarios.

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