The Future of Talent: 2022 Workforce Trends


2021 pushed HR leaders to be more ambitious when it comes to how their organizations attract, retain, and engage with talent. The year has highlighted the urgent need for businesses to update their technological solutions to better future-proof their workforce across the talent lifecycle.

In this webinar, Founder & CEO of pymetrics, Frida Polli joins pymetrics’ Justin Hess, Global Head of IO Psychology, for an informative webinar discussing AI policy and best practices for utilizing technology that incorporates soft skill data across talent acquisition and talent management in order to bolster efficient hiring, talent retention, and diversity.

They dive deep into:

  • How the government is addressing ‘The Great Resignation’
  • Ways to use data to make improvements across talent acquisition, management and DEI
  • Utilizing soft skills to unlock business and employee success
  • Methods to improve talent management and internal mobility

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